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If you experience a vehicle breakdown on the road and you’re concerned about your car’s wellbeing, flatbed towing services can give your vehicle extra protection against wear-and-tear during the transportation process. There are two main towing methods: one hitches a dolly to the recovered vehicle to pull in behind the tow truck, whereas flatbed towing elevates the vehicle to avoid direct contact with the road. Flatbed towing is the best way to prevent damage to vintage or performance cars or heavy duty vehicles while in transit. City Wide Towing has a large fleet of flatbed tow trucks to make sure your vehicle is protected during the roadside assistance process. Keep your vehicle secure with flatbed towing services from City Wide Towing, the premier roadside recovery company in Calgary an the Southern Alberta area.

Flatbed Towing Prices

Many vehicle recovery companies charge high rates for flatbed towing services, or will charge more for service depending on the location of the recovered vehicle. At City Wide Towing, we are dedicated to providing high quality roadside recovery at an affordable price, which is why we offer consistent rates that are some of the most competitive in the industry. By using the latest tow equipment and an automated dispatch system, we are able to run our company efficiently and keep our costs to a minimum, which allows us to provide you with fast and convenient flatbed towing service at an affordable price.

How We Secure a Car to a Flatbed Trailer

All of the drivers at City Wide Towing are trained and licensed according to the highest standards of safety and quality. There are two main ways to secure a care to a flatbed trailer:

Wheel Restraint—In this method, the vehicle is strapped to the flatbed trailer by the wheels using special high-strength restraints on each wheel.

Direct Lashing—In this method, the vehicle is strapped to the flatbed trailer by attaching the high-strength restraints to the axels, suspension or lashing points on the vehicle.

The drivers at City Wide Towing are trained and experienced on how to secure your vehicle to a flatbed tow truck so as to prevent any movement while in transit, preventing your vehicle from experiencing an further damage.

City Wide Towing: The Number One Flatbed Towing Service in Calgary

If you’re concerned about your vehicle sustaining wear-and-tear damage during the recovery process, ask about the flatbed towing services from City Wide Towing. We are responsive to your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere within the Southern Alberta area including Calgary, Strathmore and Okotoks. Our drivers are well-versed in how to secure you vehicle to minimize movement and prevent further damage while in transport, and we only use the highest-grade flatbed towing equipment to guarantee a safe journey. For the fastest and most efficient flatbed towing services in the Southern Alberta area at a rate you can afford, contact us today at City Wide Towing.

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