Being towed is something entirely avoidable. When you’re parking your vehicle in an area you’re unsure of, even if you’re just “running in to grab something” there is a possibility that you will be towed away by a towing company. To avoid towing Edmonton has clearly marked areas – just like the rest of the province – in which the public cannot park, or has a time limit on parking. Mostly for safety reasons and for the convenience of others, there are 8 tips to avoid being towed in cities such as Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding cities and towns in Alberta and across Canada.

Don’t Park In Common Towing Areas

There are many common areas for towing Edmonton marks them all whether by signage or paint.

  • Tow away zones during the busy hours.
    • These hours are usually from 7:00am – 6:00pm. They are marked by signage. You can park in these zones after the main commuting hours, but be aware of starting and finishing times. There are plenty of people who park overnight in a tow away zone and do not move it in time, therefore they’re towed away!
  • Loading zones
    • Loading zones are usually indicated with yellow paint on the curbs and signage.
    • To avoid towing, Edmonton and other cities in Alberta and Canada make loading zones clear. The usual time limit is 20 minutes, if you are over 20 minutes it is likely you will be towed.
  • Blue zones / Accessible parking
    • Parking in a blue zone without the proper markings will result in either a large fine or your vehicle being towed – both of which are entirely avoidable.
    • Parking in these zones is only permitted for those needing easy access who displays a placard, disabled person, or disabled veteran’s licence plate.
  • Red zones
    • Red zones are clearly marked with red paint on the curb.
    • There is no parking, standing, or stopping in this zone – it is entirely illegal. Buses may stop here if it is indeed a bus stop.
  • Bus stops
    • Parking in front of a bus stop is illegal. It will be clearly marked with signage.

Parking laws may vary by city, it’s always best to read the signage to avoid towing, Edmonton for example marks all parking areas clearly so pay attention! Read more about the paint markings

Take Extra Care in High Traffic Areas

Vehicles are towed more frequently in high traffic areas. There are more parking regulations, therefore it’s important to always read the signs. Consider this: towing Edmonton as well as Calgary is more frequent in the downtown core. Parking in a high traffic area during rush hour outside the legal time frame creates a higher chance of being towed.

Consult Signage & Parking Meters

You will notice that paid parking and towing areas will sometimes overlap. When it comes to towing Edmonton has parking meters that should time-out. A customer will not be able to pay for more time after a certain hour. This is a warning for towing, and to move your car at a certain time. It’s vital to always read the signs to avoid being towed over the parking meters.

Call A Towing Company Yourself

In the unfortunate instance where your vehicle has run into issues and you cannot park legally, make the call yourself. This will enable you to be sure your vehicle is in good hands.

Pay Your Parking Tickets

When a vehicle has multiple unpaid parking tickets, there is a chance that it will be towed regardless of where it is parked. Even if it is parked legally. Laws vary depending on the area, but it’s always important to pay your parking tickets to avoid any complications further down the road.

Avoid Getting Parking Tickets

Parking tickets and tow away zones go hand in hand. Here are a couple tips to avoiding parking tickets.

  • Mark on your calendar street cleaning days.
  • Set an alarm to remember to reload your parking meter.
  • Again, always look at the signs and ensure you vacate the spot when the tow zone becomes active.

Ensure Current Registration

Your vehicle can be towed and impounded if it does not have current registration.

Keep Drivers License Up To Date

On the occasion you are pulled over and have an expired license, the police officer has the ability to impound your vehicle if there is no one to take over driving.

For more information on parking and towing Edmonton has a great website with resources, start with these FAQs.