If you have to drive long distances for your job (any truck drivers out there?), you’re probably familiar with the problem of fatigue on the road. It can be hard to keep yourself awake and alert after a long time on the road, especially if you’re driving at night. Needless to say, falling asleep at the wheel can cause major accidents on the road, leading to expensive repairs, injuries and even fatalities. While drowsy driving is not often talked about, it’s one of the top causes of accidents in North America. Keep yourself and other drivers safe by following these tips for avoiding fatigue on the road.

Practice Good Eating Habits

Good nutrition goes a long way to keep your energy levels high. Getting all your daily recommended vitamins and minerals can be difficult while on the road, so it’s important to plan ahead. Prepare meals to eat during your trip and make stops off the highway to pick up supplies when needed rather than relying on rest stop food. It’s easy to get dependent on coffee, but keep your intake to a minimum—caffeine provides an energy burst that quickly fades and can leave you feeling even more tired than you were before.

Take Breaks

Many drivers try to pack a lot of mileage into a small amount of time. That high level of driving can get tiring pretty fast, especially for drivers who are new to long distance journeys. Before heading out on the road, plan your route carefully and schedule in pit stops so you can be as well-rested as possible. If you feel yourself starting to nod off while driving, pull over as soon as possible and take a break until you feel prepared to drive again.

Driving long distances is not an easy task, especially if you’re on a deadline. In North America, almost 4,000 people die per year due to drivers who fell asleep behind the wheel. Keep yourself and other drivers safe by making sure that you’re alert at all times while driving. If you do experience an accident on the road, call us at City Wide Towing for fast and efficient towing services across Calgary and the surrounding areas!