What You Should Know Before Hiring A Towing Service in Calgary

When an unexpected emergency happens on the road, there’s only one thing you can do: call a towing service. Whether you’ve hit a ditch, got a flat tire, or you car stopped working you’re going to need to know some things about the towing services you hire.

What Towing Services They Provide

The most important thing to know is if the towing company will be able to complete your request. If you’re stuck in a ditch, can they get you out? Understandably, when you’re on the side of the road you won’t want to go through websites looking for services. At the very least, when you get on the phone give details about your mishap and ask if they perform the service. It may seem obvious to you that a towing service should be able to change your flat tire, but there can be circumstances in which it won’t be possible. Don’t waste your time – get a towing company who can complete the services you need.

Response Times

When you’re in an emergency situation, or stuck on the side of the road you do not want to wait around for a tow truck. It’s annoying to have to wait around to get help therefore you need to ask about their response time. When you call into the towing company, make sure you ask how long it will take at that moment. Websites will say 30-45 minutes, but their tow trucks could all be in use making the wait time longer. It never hurts to ask the question, and you don’t want to be waiting for an hour to get help.

Are They A Professional Towing Company?

When looking for towing services you need them to be certified, licensed, and insured! If something goes wrong during the tow, you’re going to need the company to be insured. The chance of something going wrong is highly reduced when you know the tow truck operator is licensed. Being certified as a towing company means they’re reliable and true to their word. At City Wide Towing, we are all 3 of these things (and more!).

Rates and Service Charges

Nothing is more disappointing than having hidden costs on a service. An honest towing company will tell you the rate and service charges before you get the service – NOT after. Always, always, always ask the towing company about their rates. Once your vehicle has been towed or the service has been performed you need to pay the price for it. Just like when you’re purchasing clothing or groceries, you always look at the price before buying. Some towing services can be expensive – you need to be prepared.

Ask City Wide about our towing services and get the help you need! For all your roadside assistance needs in and around Calgary or Edmonton give us a call!