Preventing A Flat Tire & The Need For Car Towing Services

If you’ve ever had a flat tire you know it’s a total bummer. It’s one of the most common mishaps that occur on the road, sometimes leaving you completely helpless and needing car towing services. Your safety is also put at risk when dealing with a flat tire. Not only because the pop causes swerving and other unexpected movements to yourself and those around you, but because then you are stranded on the side of a road. Although sharp objects penetrating the tire is the most common reason for needing flat tire repair, there are other aspects of a tire’s lifecycle that should be paid attention.

For instance, a tire can progressively lose air without you even realizing it. This deflation is dangerous, keeping up with tire air pressure on the regular is a good idea. So, here comes a few things to keep in mind as a car owner to avoid flat tire repair, and even the need for car towing services.

Hot Temperatures

When air heats, it expands. When your tires expand they can be overwhelmed by the force and explode. During the summer months it’s important to keep an eye on your tires and make sure they’re not bursting at the seams. However uncommon this occurrence may be, it’s still a possibility. So keep an eye out!

Keeping Up With Maintenance

Neglecting to care for your tires is a way that can cause them to damage and gradually lose air, or pop. Keeping up with car maintenance and checking your tires will help to prevent a flat tire. A tire can be worn down, just like your body if it’s overused and not taken care of. Typically, you’re supposed to rotate your tires every other oil change.


As your valve stem gets older, it loses its structure which can cause air to escape from the tire. The air escapes very slowly, but nonetheless it vacates the tire. Don’t fear! There is a way to check and see if your tires are leaking. Grab a bucket of water and soap, apply it to the valve stem. If bubbles appear that means air is being released! Your tires are likely leaking and should be inspected more thoroughly.

Remember that if you do experience a flat tire, call City Wide Towing and we will get out to help you as soon as we can. Our car towing services are extensive and no matter what is going on with your vehicle, we will be there to help you out.