Medium Duty Towing from City Wide Towing

At City Wide Towing, our comprehensive fleet of towing vehicles is here to help you out of any roadside situation. We have a number of different vehicles available to manage light, medium and heavy duty towing, so we are here to assist you no matter the size of your vehicle.

Medium duty towing is something not offered by every towing service—many companies offer tow trucks that are either too small or too large to handle mid-size vehicles. City Wide Towing is one of the only tow truck services in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and the surrounding area to offer medium duty towing services for mid-size vehicles.

What is Medium Duty Towing?

Medium duty towing refers to any towing service that handles mid-sized vehicles, which may require more support than conventional cars but less than needed for larger full-sized trucks and vehicles. The medium duty fleet at City Wide Towing specializes in commercial and recreational mid-duty vehicle towing. The trucks are equipped with hitches and brake controllers to tow any type of trailer.These vehicles can safely tow anything from a motorhome to a loaded 3 ton delivery van. Our drivers are specifically skilled at moving vehicles of this class and size without causing damage.

Benefits of Medium Duty Towing

Ensure that your vehicle is towed by the appropriate truck is important for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • Having your vehicle towed by a truck that can properly support its size and class prevents your vehicle from incurring any further damage.
  • Medium duty towing for mid-sized vehicles helps the towing process go as fast and smooth as possible.

About City Wide Towing

City Wide Towing has been Calgary’s most trusted tow truck service since 1963. With a large, diverse and fully-equipped fleet of towing vehicles, we are prepared to help you in any situation you may experience on the road. All of our drivers are fully trained, licensed and certified to ensure that you receive the safest and most efficient towing services possible. At City Wide Towing, we have utilized the latest in GPS technology to create dispatching systems that work faster and more efficiently than ever—we are now able to respond to your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We promise the fastest response times in all of Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and the surrounding Southern Alberta area.

Medium Duty Towing Services

At City Wide Towing, we offer a number of medium duty towing services to mid-sized vehicles including the following:

  • Towing
  • Boosts
  • Emergency lockout services
  • Fuel services
  • Stuck calls
  • Equipment hauling

City Wide Towing is one of Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton’s only towing services equipped to perform these kinds of services. We are fully licensed to provide emergency lockout services, for example, so if you ever lose your keys and forget them inside your vehicle, our team of professional technicians are always a phone call away! We also provide specialized services such as emergency recovery—if your vehicle ends up in a ditch or a body of water, we have the equipment necessary to assist in its safe recovery. We can also rescue small boats and other types of vehicles as well. Contact us today for more information about the variety of towing and recovery services.

Medium Duty Towing Rates You Can Afford

Many towing companies charge much higher rates for larger vehicles. At City Wide Towing, we are committed to providing you high quality medium duty towing services as a price you can afford, which is why we offer some of the most affordable rates in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and the surrounding area. At City Wide Towing, we operate all of our equipment to the highest standards of efficiency, which allows us to keep our costs to a minimum so we can provide you with fair and reasonable rates for our services. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get out of an emergency situation. Unlike other companies that may flip-flop on their prices, the team at City Wide Towing will always charge the initial price we quote. For the highest quality medium duty towing services in Calgary, Red Deer or Edmonton at a price you can afford, contact us today at City Wide Towing.

City Wide Towing: Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton’s Number One Choice for Medium Duty Towing Services

 Finding a company that will help you recover your mid-sized vehicle can be challenging—many companies specialize in either regular or large-sized vehicles and may not have the equipment to safely and efficiently deal with emergency situations involving mid-sized vehicles. At City Wide Towing, we have a large and diverse fleet that can handle any emergency situation you find yourself in with your mid-sized vehicle. With 24/7 automated dispatchers and immediate response times, you can trust the experienced and professional team at City Wide Towing to get your vehicle out of any tough jam. From towing to emergency lockout and equipment hauling services, we can ensure that your mid-sized vehicle receives the services it needs as fast as possible. For more information about our medium duty towing and other towing and recovery services, give us a call today at City Wide Towing.

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