The Top 5 Roadside Emergencies That You Should Be Ready For

Accidents can strike at any minute, and while some you can handle on your own, others are more difficult. When someone is in a bad situation, City Wide Towing dispatches our tow trucks, getting vehicles up and on their way in no time. Here are the top 5 most common roadside emergencies that occur.

Flat Tires

A flat tire will put a serious damper on your day. While many people know how to change a flat tire on their own, if you’re not prepared for it that won’t matter. A spare tire should be kept in your vehicle at all times for this kind of emergency. Our tow trucks are equipped to handle situations like these, however it’s important to know how to change a flat tire. Make sure your tires are in good condition. By accident, a sharp object can puncture you tire. Watch out for dangerous objects on the road and avoid pot holes if you can.


Getting stuck in mud or a snow bank is another common roadside emergency. Though many people who get stuck can wiggle themselves out of it, many instances need tow trucks to help them get out. Whether you’ve spun out on ice and landed in a ditch, or have been in an accident, City Wide Towing’s tow trucks have the tools and expertise to get you and your vehicle to safety.

Overheating Engines

When an engine overheats it can be very stressful. You might not know what’s going on therefore not sure if you should even try turning on your car. When an engine overheats it needs to cool which doesn’t happen very quickly. Our tow trucks are equipped with the resources to cool down your vehicle, or even take it to a shop where it can be properly cared for.

Dead Battery

When your battery dies and you don’t have jumper cables or another car to help, you need a towing service. All of City Wide Towing’s tow trucks are ready to boost dead batteries. As a common issue in Alberta during the winter months, we have tow trucks that provide quick services and will get you on your way in no time.

Car Accident

Car accidents rank among the top 5 roadside emergencies. When a vehicle has been damaged, driving it isn’t always a good idea. It needs to be taken to a mechanic or car shop to assess the damage. If the car is drivable, great! If not, call City Wide Towing and one of our tow trucks will come to the rescue immediately. Car accidents are traumatizing, our tow truck operators are friendly and experienced. You will be comforted knowing your vehicle will be safe with City Wide Towing.

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