5 Things To Do When Waiting For Towing Services

You’ve hit an unexpected snag in your day and you’re in need of a tow truck. Whether it’s day time or night time, there are 5 things you should do to prepare and stay safe while waiting for the towing company. City Wide Towing takes pride in being Alberta’s most trusted towing service. If you’re looking for Edmonton towing, Red Deer towing, Airdrie towing, or their surrounding areas, City Wide is ready to be called to action.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

Your hazard lights are located on your dash, and the symbol is the red triangle. Turning on your hazards lights is the first thing you should do when you realize there is something wrong on the road. This indicates to other drivers that you are having difficulties. Even if it’s day time, turn on these lights. It will also help the tow truck see your vehicle.

Move Over

After turning on your hazard lights, drivers around you will be notified that you will try to get over. If your vehicle cannot be moved, sit tight and don’t get out of the car. Always try to get to the right shoulder, this makes it easier for the tow truck to get your vehicle on board safely.

Get Identification From Towing Company

When you call a towing service, you will be provided with information about the tow truck driver or the tow truck itself. If the towing service doesn’t give this information to you, ask for it! Either the name of the driver or the license plate of the tow truck coming to assist you is a good thing to have. This is a security measure to ensure that the person coming to help you is indeed the right person.

Gather Your Things

If there is anything you will need from your car, gather them while you wait for the towing company. Make sure you grab your favourite sunglasses or any valuables that might be in your car. You don’t want to be kicking yourself because you forgot something!

Stay Safe & Attentive

Once you have turned on your hazard lights, moved over, called the towing company and gathered your items, turn your attention to keeping safe! If you’re on a busy road, stay in your vehicle. Don’t let anyone you don’t know into your car or accept a ride. You will need to be there to get comprehensive towing services. Do not accept help from an unidentified tow truck. Wait for whoever the towing company has been dispatched for you. Sit tight and wait for your tow truck driver to get there.

These 5 tips for staying safe while waiting for a towing company are incredibly important. When you’ve hit an unfortunate snag, call City Wide Towing to get fast, comprehensive towing services. No matter where you need help in Alberta, we have offer great towing services. Whether you need a towing in Edmonton, or anywhere in Alberta, give us a call.

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