An overheated car is more than just a nuisance – it can also cause serious damage to you, your vehicle, and any passengers you may have with you. If you see smoke or smell a burning odor coming from your vehicle, you need to act fast – pull over immediately and have your car towed to the nearest garage for inspection! Here are some of the most common reasons why cars overheat and how you can avoid them.

A Stuck Thermostat

Your car’s thermostat regulates the temperature of your engine by controlling the flow of coolant it receives. If the thermostat becomes stuck, coolant won’t be able to reach in your engine and you run the risk of overheating it. If your thermostat becomes stuck, it is easy and simple to replace—much less expensive and time consuming then replacing the entire engine! If you’ve noticed that your engine is getting hotter than usual, have your thermostat inspected and replaced immediately to save yourself a lot of time, money and aggravation.

A Water Pump Malfunction

If your vehicle starts to overheat immediately and drastically, it may be an indication of a damaged water pump malfunction. The water pump helps to circulate coolant fluid throughout the entire vehicle. Without it, your car is unable to regulate its temperature. Signs of a failing water pump include coolant leaking from the front of your vehicle, an overheated engine, and steam coming from the radiator. If you experience any of these symptoms, take your car in for a professional inspection as soon as possible to locate the problem.

With careful attention and care, you can prevent your car for overheating and putting you in a dangerous situation on the road. If your car breaks down due to overheating, contact us right away at City Wide Towing. Our fleet of tow trucks covers Calgary and the surrounding areas, so you can trust us for reliable pick-up and towing services no matter where you’re stuck. For more information about our towing services, contact us today!